Wedding Ceremony

I will conduct wedding ceremonies for all couples of any sexual orientation, race, religion, faith or culture

You can have your wedding ceremony your way, anywhere, anytime or anyplace

Your wedding ceremony can have a traditional feel or be completely zany, it's up to you

You can have it with as much or as little content as you like to make it unique and special for you

You can have and say your own special vows to each other

You can have family and friends taking part with poems, prayers, verses, jokes or your love story

You can exchange the traditional wedding rings or any other symbolic item that has meaning for you

You can have a long or short ceremony with lots of guests or a small select few

Please Note

You are required by law to say the Declaratory and Contracting words in front of a Registrar for your marriage to be considered legal. You must arrange this with your local Registry Office


This is a simple and quick process, no need to dress up or exchange rings.